Our team

Carin Bult- Schreuders
Owner/ Reg. Nurse
My name is Carin Bult and I have been working in the care sector since 1988. After my education I worked as a nurse in the Netherlands and Switzerland in various hospitals and district nursing. So I have gained a lot of experience in different fields. Since 2009 I have been living in Curacao where I have spent my childhood . Carin Cares, for customized home care was launched in 2011.
Jacqulien Benschop
Reg. Nurse
My name is Jacqulien and I work at Carin Cares since November 2015 . Since September 2015 , I (again ) living in Curacao , 10 years ago I lived on the island. I followed my training in Amsterdam and I 've been years in the district nursing , specializing in elderly people with dementia .
Fahrina Florentina
Reg Nurse

Fahrina is a reg nurse who is very experienced and with a great heart and sense of humor. Always thinking ahead!

Nathan Malbert
Reg Nurse

My name is Nathan, I'm a reg nurse and have been working in different fields of my proffession. 

Norainne Leonora

Norainne is our  lady who keeps up with all the administration in Carin Cares. 

Fabienne Oosting

Fabienne is a reg nurse with a fresh view. Only living in Curaçao for a short time but here to stay for at least a few years. 

Rosa Samboe

Rosa is een verpleegkundige met heel veel ervaring. Ze is terug op Curaçao en wil graag haar steentje bijdragen bij ons. 

Etty Kraal

Etty is weer terug op haar geliefde Curaçao en komt ons team versterken met haar kennis en ervaring in de zorg.