Our team

Carin Bult- Schreuders
Owner/ Reg. Nurse
My name is Carin Bult and I have been working in the care sector since 1988. After my education I worked as a nurse in the Netherlands and Switzerland in various hospitals and district nursing. So I have gained a lot of experience in different fields. Since 2009 I have been living in Curacao where I have spent my childhood . Carin Cares, for customized home care was launched in 2011.
Jacqulien Benschop
Reg. Nurse
My name is Jacqulien and I work at Carin Cares since November 2015 . Since September 2015 , I (again ) living in Curacao , 10 years ago I lived on the island. I followed my training in Amsterdam and I 've been years in the district nursing , specializing in elderly people with dementia .
Fahrina Florentina
Reg Nurse

Fahrina is a reg nurse who is very experienced and with a great heart and sense of humor. Always thinking ahead!

Nathan Malbert
Reg Nurse

My name is Nathan, I'm a reg nurse and have been working in different fields of my proffession. 

Suzy El-Hoss Yarzagaray

Suzy is our lady who keeps up with all the administration in Carin Cares. A friendly face in our office.

Melly Perk
Reg Nurse
Jemaine Kemperman