Local care in Curaçao

Local organized nursing care by well trained nurses

Carin Cares organizes nursing care at your home

  • After a period of hospitalization you might meed some help while recovering. We are there to fulfill your needs: bathing, dressing, wound care and organizing your medication. You tell us what you need!
  • Have you been sick for long or short time ?
  • Is it your wish to spend your last days at home with your loved ones?

We are here to help!

Good care is something unique and for everyone different. Everyone deserves the attention and care that he/ she needs.

That’s why we start with an interview to find out what YOU need. We make a care plan together with the client and his/her family and house doctor were needed.

Working together with other professionals to provide the best care possible is our mission.



Guardian Group and Ennia are covering the expenses of our care.

Ask your insurance how much they cover!



Please contact us for a pro forma

Care Application Form Curaçao