Personal Alarm

MiniFinder_Pico_All_Colors_Gray_BG-1024x566Independent on the go and at home with a Personal Alarm. Direct two way voice contact and location indication!

Our Personal Alarm offers 24/7 follow up by our qualified nurses, everywhere in Curaçao.
By pressing the button two way voice contact with our nurse is activated and your exact location is send to our nurse.

Because of the two way voice connection you can tell us what is the problem. If you need acute assistance we will come to your location as soon as possible. We will give you an estimate how many minutes we need to reach your location.

The location alert is very specific so we will be able to finds you in no time in case of emergency, everywhere in  Curaçao!

We will provide first aid and contact your doctor, an ambulance if needed and family.
Safety in Curaçao by pressing your alarm button.
The experience of being safe on the go and at home. Your back-up plan 24/7 in Curacao!
Before starting our service we will interview you so we know which doctors and family we need to contact and what medical history is relevant to know.


  • Interview and installation Nafl. 100,-
  • Monthly fee Nafl. 149.-
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