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Cas Coraweg 69, Curaçao
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Welke verzekeringen vergoeden de zorg van Carin Cares?

Altijd een belangrijke vraag, welke verzekeringen vergoeden de zorg van Carin Cares? We zijn er trots op dat de lokale verzekeringen Ennia en Guardian Group onze zorg vergoeden. Beide vergoeden ze tot 100 dagen per jaar. Bel ons gerust voor meer informatie. Wij vragen...

Personal Alarms in Curaçao

Living independent, alone or with your partner, who do you call in case of emergency? Can you reach your phone? Can you find the right number in case of panic? Did you fall and cannot get up, who will help you? At home and on the go, everywhere on Curacao in reach of...


New: Carin Cares is a participant in the BroCard discount Card! If you consider a personal alarm this is your opportunity! In the months May and June the fee for intake and installation (normal Ang 100,-) is completely free with you BroCard membership! What is...