Home care during your holiday on Curacao?

That’s possible!

Carin Cares takes care of all your needs.

Are you considering a holiday on Curaçao but you don’t know how to arrange trustworthy home care?
Carin Cares can help you in arranging all your care for your holiday.
Carin Cares is a small and personal company.
We help you plan to take care of all your needs so you can enjoy your holiday.

We warmly recommend the hotel that is wheelchair friendly Dolphin Suites for your stay in Curacao.

Very cozy and comfortable with a very friendly staff. The hotel is on walking distance of the Seaquarium and the Mambo Beach Boulevard. Lots of entertainment and nice restaurants as well as a nice beach.

What do we offer?

  • Care for adults and children.
  • Help with day to day home care needs such as getting in and out of bed, personal hygiene, etc.
  • All medicine care: management and administering.
  • Acts a nurse can do such as replace catheters, take care of stomas or drains, organizing and administering tube feeding.
  • Taking care of wounds.
  • Help with putting on/off support stockings.
  • Arranging for all sorts of medical supplies needed at your holiday address
  • Someone who works with you in your own language.


Many insurances will help you pay for the care provided by Carin Cares.
Inform your insurance in time.

Please ask for a quotation.


Before your holiday starts you can contact us via mail or phone. After you fill in the intake we will send you a pro forma invoice so you can make arrangements with your health care insurance if needed.
The agreements are written down in a contract that we will send you by (e)mail.
After accepting and signing of the contract our partnership will start.

The payment to Carin Cares must be paid prior to departure back home, unless otherwise agreed.

What does Carin Cares costs?

Our rates are in Antillean Guilders

Please ask us for a pro forma if you are planning a stay in Curaçao