Living independent, alone or with your partner, who do you call in case of emergency?

Can you reach your phone?

Can you find the right number in case of panic?

Did you fall and cannot get up, who will help you?

At home and on the go, everywhere on Curacao in reach of safety with a personal alarm from Carin Cares

How does it work?

Just simply press the SOS button to make contact with our nurses. We can dirtectly communicate with you through the button. At the same time we receive a message with your excate location. That’s why we can reach you very  We deliver first aid on location and will inform family and your doctor/ambulance if needed.

Who are we?

We are a team of well educated and registered nurses who are trained to handle emergency situations. Before entering our service we will have an intake session so we learn how to help you with your specific needs in case of emergency.

That’s why our service is so special!

Safety first with a personal alarm from Carin Cares!