New: Carin Cares is a participant in the BroCard discount Card!

If you consider a personal alarm this is your opportunity! In the months May and June the fee for intake and installation (normal Ang 100,-) is completely free with you BroCard membership!

What is Brocard?

BroCard is Curaçao’s first and only discount loyalty program.
When you shop at participating stores, you are rewarded with all kinds of crazy discounts. We have all types of companies participating. BroCard will be expanding day by day, so keep an eye out for your favorite stores and they’re crazy discounts!
How BroCard works
It’s so simple. Just keep your card on you or keep a picture of your card on your phone.
When you buy something at one of the participating stores, just show your card. Identification might be required upon request. No more wasting time saving points, with the BroCard you will benefit instantly!

How to get your BroCard

Register on our website, choose from getting your physical Brocard or digital BroCard.
Guess what? The digital BroCard is completely FREE.
For the physical BroCard, a one time fee of 10,- guilders is required.

As soon as we have your info, we will notify you when to pick up your BroCard or we will send you your digital BroCard by email.